About Me

IMG_3585My name is Stephanie Stewart (Hamilton), and I am a freelance makeup artist living in London, England.

I have been living in England for the last 3 years now, and after having had a baby nearly 2 years ago, and having to put a hold on my career to focus on my daughter and my new life abroad, I am excited, as well as motivated, to get back into doing what I love, and am truly passionate about: makeup.

Originally I am from a small town called Squamish, located between Vancouver and Whistler, BC, Canada.
All through high school, on evenings and weekends, I would get into my mums makeup and play around with different colours and textures, applying them onto my legs, arms, and face.
Most of the time I’d try to recreate makeups I had seen in magazines, on celebrities, etc. But for the most part, I would end up with fake bruises, scratches, rug burn all over my body instead.
It’s here that my love of makeup, especially for the TV/Film industry, started.

When I was 19, I started my career in the Vancouver film industry working as a Locations PA.
I instantly fell in love with the film life; the fast pace, no-social-life, and the unique mixture of people I would get to work with on a daily basis- the people who would ultimately become your ‘family’ for the duration of the current production.

After a couple years of finding my footing, and meeting a wide variety of contacts, I decided to try and mix my love of makeup, with my new love of this industry.
It was then that I decided I wanted proper, formal training in makeup.

On May 9, 2011, I started my 11 month course at Blanche Macdonald Centre, studying, and learning, everything from the fundamentals of makeup, to Beauty, Bridal, Fashion, and the areas that I was most interested in: TV & Film Special Effects, and Prosthetics.
I graduated on April 25, 2012.

It’s the best feeling walking on to a set, makeup bag in hand, meeting and learning from some of the best makeup artists in the industry, getting to do something that you have such a fire, and passion for, and be able to tell people that it’s your ‘job’ (tho when you love doing something as much as I love doing makeup, it never feels like a ‘job’, or ‘work’, it feels more like a surreal blessing!).

I am very excited, and understandably nervous at the same time, about getting my career started in a whole new country; trying to meet new contacts, and find my own footing in an industry that is already so hard to break in to.
BUT, I have done it once before, and am more determined than ever, and capable, of doing it all again!
When you find something you love doing, more than anything else, and when it’s all you’ve ever really known (career wise), you will stop at nothing to make sure to keep that dream, and fire, burning.

I am professional, a team player, sensitive, and eager to never stop learning.